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- In Their Own Words -
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Excerpts from the many cards, letters and e-mails that we receive regarding our Wedding and Event Videography services.

FROM SARAH AND THOMAS:" THANK YOU! It is a bit delayed because we just moved into our first house and decided we would watch it tonight as our valentines day celebration. It is absolutely perfect!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier with your vision and how you put it together! We'll be sending you the mail response but I wanted to email you again to sincerely thank you for capturing our special day for years and years to come! :) Thank you again Jim! We'll be sure to recommend you to anyone we know looking for a videographer in the future. It was surely a pleasure!"

FROM KIM AND CHRIS:" We ABSOLUTELY LOVE our wedding video! Once again thank you for capturing our perfect day on film! We can now cherish our day for the rest of our lives and will be able to share it with our children in the future! You truly have a gift! I have already watched it 3 times! haha. My cousin will be getting married next year and she has yet to see our wedding video, but I have certainly raved about it. I will not be surprised if I am seeing you again next year to film her wedding! :) I have given her your contact info, so I'm sure she will be contacting you. Until then, take care and thank you once again! You have made us extremely happy!"

FROM KIM and ROBERT:We were extremely satisfied with the overall quality. It was elegantly done and the editing was superb. The videographers were great - you barely knew that they were at the wedding. We are extremely happy and glad that we went with jmn PRODUCTIONS.

FROM SARI and RONNIE:I highly recommend Jim at JMN Productions. He provided video service for my wedding and my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. He is incredibly professional and almost stealth-like. He somehow manages to never miss a moment yet you hardly know he's there. Perfect! Our wedding video was professionally edited and just the right blend of capturing the highlights yet keeping it to a length even your neighbors would want to watch. The DVD packaging was also very nicely done. All of this and very reasonable prices. You won't regret hiring Jim."

FROM KIM and ROBERT:We were extremely satisfied with the overall quality. It was elegantly done and the editing was superb. The videographers were great - you barely knew that they were at the wedding. We are extremely happy and glad that we went with jmn PRODUCTIONS.

FROM ERIN and ROBERT: We were completely satisfied with our video. One of our favorite things was the "flashbacks to pictures of the church ceremony" during the dances. The slow motion and black & white effects were also beautiful.

FROM DAVE (father of the bride): Jim, I would like to thank you for your prompt service and a quality capture of a great day. I thought the video was outstanding and the special effects gave it a nice touch. Thank you for making a special day perfect.

FROM ANN and CHRISTOPHER: WOW!!!! The wedding video was WONDERFUL. You did such a great job - thank you so much.

FROM MANUS: Maureen and I are delighted with the video that you made for us! We've watched it many times and always see something new. The effects that you used were outstanding! They added tremendously to the presentation. In particular, your handling of the first dance was fantastic! Maureen and I were also delighted with the setup and presentation of the wedding. Using two videographers is definitely the way to go. I'm sure the quality of your equipment made the difference for us. Please believe me when I tell you that my writing and vocabulary fall far short here. We truly love our video, and we'll recommend you in a second to anyone we know who is looking for a videographer.

FROM SHEILA: Once I saw the cover I knew that the video was going to be phenomenal. Turns out phenomenal might not even be a strong enough adjective to describe the quality of the finished product. You captured our wedding day in a way that surpassed all of my expectations. The video touched every cord in my heart. I cried absolute tears of absolute joy and delight; all thanks to you and your hard work. It so eloquently captured the beauty and emotion of the day. I can not thank you enough! I can only imagine the number of times I will look to this video as a source of inspiration and reminder of the greater things in life besides work. I am so thrilled to have chosen you and your company for our videography. Thanks again for the FABULOUS work.   

The editing, the quality of the filming - picture clarity and video camera placement was excellent. The videographers were very professional and easy to work with. They made it easy to enjoy our day, and remember it forever. Thank you!

FROM WENDY and DAN: Thanks so much for making our wedding day so memorable! We loved your unobtrusive manner and professionalism. We owe it all to you for memories that will last a lifetime! Thanks again for all your help!

FROM BETH and TIM: We're VERY happy with the quality of our video! We liked the flashbacks during the dances (couple - Bride/Groom), (Father/Daughter), (Mother/Son). The videographers were cooperative and supportive...especially considering they had to drive through a blizzard to get there.

FROM CAROLYN and JOHN: Jim, you did a Fabulous Job! Thanks so much. The quality of the video was outstanding, what a beautiful film. Simply amazing footage. The videographers were wonderful. They caught every waking moment on film. My family and friends can not stop talking about how wonderfully done it was. The first time my mother and I viewed the video, it brought us to tears, it was so great. We loved it, and will cherish it forever.     

FROM MARGUERITE and KEN: Dear Jim. Thank you so much for the excellent wedding video! Your service was very courteous and discrete on our wedding day! The sound and picture quality of the video is excellent, and we love all of the creative touches you put into your editing - especially the final highlights part! We really appreciate it!

FROM DUNCAN and SHIXON: We are very satisfied. Excellent quality video and audio. Cut together very well - very stylish, not at all the typical cheezy or boring wedding video. We are delighted with the result!

FROM BETHANY and : The video was wonderful - fabulous! I cried, and that was my main objective! The video editing did a great job of capturing the emotions of the day, and I loved the montages. Todd was wonderful. He always kept us informed of what he was trying to capture. The woman who owned the reception facility even commented on his professionalism and unobtrusiveness. We are so happy that we hired you. The video captured things that the still photographer missed.

FROM SHARON and PETER: The video was wonderful. Everyone who has seen it comments on what a great video it it. It really brings back the day for Peter and I. Thanks again for a great job. I know that it will be something that I cherish for years to come.

You offered us a great and affordable package, and your performance was greatly appreciated. Due to two different nationalities, our wedding required a lot of attention. You had the touch and technique to gather all of the special events, and put them together to make a timeless video. Every time we watch it, we enjoy and relive every scene.

We were very satisfied with the quality of the video! We LOVED the ending with the re-cap of the whole day! It was excellent!!! The videographers were very professional and very supportive! They captured the whole day in one video and, most of the time, you couldn't tell they were there. The BEST thing that we did was to hire a professional videographer! We were able to see what we missed! The whole day flew by, so we were able to enjoy ourselves again by watching it!

I just had to write and tell you how much we enjoyed the video. The ceremony was perfectly captured and the reception certainly looked like everyone was having a wonderful time. The day itself goes by so quickly, almost in a blur of activity, so it is nice to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy those precious moments once again. I would be more than happy to give my recommendation of your work to any prospective clients.

FROM KAREN AND RICH: Hey Jim!  Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on the video! :0) It looks wonderful, we love the fading in and out and the addition of the pictures. GREAT stuff!

We really like the video that you made for us last August. You managed to capture all of the important moments in both the Hindu and western ceremonies, and the editing was fantastic!

We especially liked how the video took the music from the cocktail hour (string quartet) and used it in throughout other portions of the video. We liked how the video captured some of the details...the guests mingling at the cocktail hour, string quartet, the wedding cake, etc. Everyone that's seen the video thinks that it's extremely well done!

(*Note: We've now produced three wedding movies for Jim and Betty Lehan, for all 3 of their daughters.): We were very happy with the video that you made for us...with the editing, with everything! The videographers were very supportive and cooperative. We asked that they stay in the background as much as possible, and they did. Yet they were still able to get great pictures!

FROM MARK and GRETCHEN: We were thrilled with how the video came out, and will recommend you highly.


Hi Jim, Just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on the video. We've watched it so many times, I can't get enough!! Thanks again.


Jim - The DVD is PHENOMENAL!!! I can not say enough. It was awesome!!! My parents and Dan and I LOVE It! I cannot wait to show more people!!! I will get the official feedback form done this week, but had to tell you how happy we are now! Thanks again!


Thank you so much for sending the DVDs, the video was wonderful!!! It was so fun to watch our wedding day, and to experience all the great times over again with our friends and family. What I appreciated most was the way you captured all of the important, fun, and funny moments and condensed the day into an enjoyable movie. You didn't miss a thing! I'm sure we'll watch the video many many more times. Please use me as a reference if needed.


Hi Jim,

I just wanted to send out an email to you because it has been quite sometime since my wedding and I never had the chance to send the survey back that came with our video's. Nicole and I were married on June 17th in '05 at Zukas Hilltop Barn in Spencer. We really want to thank you and compliment on what a great job you did on our wedding DVD. We must have seen it a dozen times since that day and it never fails to hit a soft spot in everyone that views it. Especially for my for my wife and I. You captured on video everything we were feeling that day so beautifully. I only pictured what everything was looking like while it was happening but, there is so much going on that day that it's hard to think straight.

The music montages were incredible! Just amazing! It was like watching ourselves in a fairy tale movie. Everyone that has seen your work is brought to tears with the slow motion effects and the black and white fluttering images you created, all the fade outs and fade in's, top that off with the music that you asked us to select ourselves and you blended it just perfectly. Perfection. There was one part in our video, just at the end of the ceremony and the DJ started playing the song that we wanted, but the clarity wasn't as good as it probably could have been and then you synchronized the actual song and dubbed it right in time with the song the DJ was playing and proceeded with a beautiful montage. Simply spectacular!

Nicole's two grandmothers could not be at the wedding. We showed the DVD to one of her grandmothers and she smiled and cried tears of joy. You caught Nicole and I on the swing (which I noticed you are using for the front page on your web site, actually the three picture collage is all us. So cool, very awesome, thank you by the way), anyway, you got us on the swing and so many sweet tender moments that the photographer just did not get and you brought it to life with our music.

About 25 members of my family got together for the purpose of watching the DVD one day (buffet dinner and everything) and at the end of the video there was applause. It was that awesome!

This was the coolest wedding video that anyone I know has ever seen and it was well worth every penny. We were hesitant and almost didn't have a videographer but, after you sent your demo disc to us, we decided that we were going to hire you and you surpassed and eclipsed our expectations. I would recommend your services anytime, any day.

So with that I apologize for not getting back to you sooner and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the finest, most treasured piece in our wedding day collection. It will bring us back to that day as if it were yesterday for the rest of our lives and help the two of us remember every day why we chose to be together forever.

Update: We have our first child, a baby boy on the way, due in June, one year removed from the wedding day, and I know he'll ask some day what was our day like, and we'll have the DVD in hand to show him.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.


Hi Jim, You did an unbelievable job on our wedding video!!! We were so happy and wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your talent. I will send back the form you sent but wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks.


Jim, I think I have watched the video about 5 times in a row now, I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did such an awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything was perfect!!!!!!! You captured all the details, I loooved how you edited the music of "there she stands in her silken gown" at the beginning. I loved the slow motion of the entrance. You put in everything I wanted, guests arriving, details of the church, perfect sound so you could hear every word clearly, Rich's family, etc etc. Thank you soooo much for such a professional and completely amazing job!!!!!!!!! It's the best money I've ever spent, thank you again!!!!!!!!